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Angie Wang


Watching my single mom raise three children on a nurse’s salary was a huge influence in my life. Through my own family’s struggle, I became attuned to other people’s struggles. My first job in New York was with Safe Horizon as a crisis counselor for victims of violence and abuse. Later, I was recruited to help manage the $500 million September 11th Fund, which led to a post as Director of Programs for The New York Women's Foundation. Since then I’ve led a global outreach campaign for the documentary series Women, War & Peace and served as Executive Director of Peace is Loud, spotlighting women leaders waging peace. Today, I’m Abigail Disney’s Chief of Staff, working with my team mates at Fork Films, Peace is Loud, Daphne Foundation, and Level Forward. I’m on the board of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families and a founding member of the Asian Women Giving Circle, a grassroots collective that supports projects rooted in arts and activism.

How I Level Forward: I’m an activist at heart, but I’m also an engineer working to influence and change systems of power.

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