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Caterin Camargo-Alvarez

Team Associate

I was nine years old when I was chosen, amongst other students, to participate in a program called Young Storytellers. It was then that I wrote the most ridiculous story of my life (at the time), but it ended up being the best experience which in turn propelled me into my passion for writing. When my high school graduation leered around the corner and I was faced with the burden of deciding what I wanted to do with my life… I didn’t have an answer. I was a very quiet kid growing up and aside from listening to music, creating my own world on paper was the only way to escape my own reality. I spent the next four years working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cinema Screenwriting at Columbia College Hollywood. Aside from learning how to format that and structure this, the one thing that was drilled into my head was that in my attempt to pursue my career I would get told no more than any yes in existence. It was then that I decided that I wanted storytelling to be more than something we read on paper or watched on screen. I wanted it to be the defining moment of endless opportunities for those who are discouraged to use their voice for something that matters. A few internships later and I found my place at Level Forward where I hope to continue to make a positive impact on the world one story at a time. 


How I Level Forward: I listen and offer a helping hand whenever and wherever I can. More than anything, I strive to be a constant reminder that the only “yes” that matters is the one that comes from you.

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