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In Holler, Ruth, a young woman living in poverty with her brother in Southeastern Ohio, gets accepted into a prestigious college, but can’t afford to attend. The siblings take jobs with a local scrap metal crew, she thinks, to get by. But her brother knows that financing  her education is Ruth’s ticket out. As Ruth navigates the scrap trade, she wrestles with accepting the future she is fighting for and the community and identity she would leave behind. Holler is a singular story about breaking free from the all-too-common realities of life in a forgotten American community hit hardest by economic decay and growing resentment. In the vein of films such as The Florida Project, Holler is told from the perspective of a young woman, approaching the world with love and levity while addressing the fundamental struggles of rural America.


Holler marks the feature directorial debut of Nicole Riegel, who also penned the story, and is produced by a multi Oscar Award-winning team.

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