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ralph stone

Corporate Secretary and Business Affairs

Throughout my life, I have been an advocate for equality, diversity, inclusion, fairness and respect for all.  Decades ago, I helped establish resources for victims of sexual assault and community policing programs to address minority discrimination.


When my long-time colleague Rachel Gould approached me several years ago with an idea for a non-profit media company dedicated to the development, financing and production of socially relevant and commercially viable content, I enthusiastically joined the effort and helped to define and advance the model of using film and other media to effect social change. I have seen and participated in the evolution of this model from Two Brass Brads to Killer Impact and now to Level Forward.  The original concept remains at the core of Level Forward – that story-telling can have a profound effect on people’s viewpoints as well as generate funds to advance social causes.  I could not be more proud of these efforts, and of the entire Level Forward team - together, we are creating a strong media force.  


I am a transactional attorney by training and experience, having been a partner and counsel with local, regional and national firms, often representing non-profit entities.  I also bring mathematical, economic and analytic skills to help drive Level Forward’s advancement.

How I Level Forward: I am constantly on the alert for any signs of discrimination or abuse, and take action to seek change wherever I can.  Additionally, I do pro bono work for the benefit of homeless U.S. military veterans.

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