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Letters of Truth

“...Doors opened up for me, everywhere, in my mind, the things I could imagine for myself. There were things I was finally able to really imagine for myself. I was gonna join the world I live in...” —B, age 17

—From the new play “Sanctuary City,” written by Martyna Majok

For many immigrants, moving to a new country is daunting. Furthermore, when an individual is undocumented, their fears are amplified. Amidst recent social and political attacks, undocumented people have been forced to live in the shadows and hide their identity. While standing up to this injustice is a difficult road to walk, they strive for the courage and bravery to be seen, heard, and most importantly to live in their truth—proudly—even when it involves great risk.

Level Forward, an entertainment company committed to advancing stories of people who have historically been less visible and less safe in our world, and producers of film and live theater projects that tell these stories, has partnered with New York Theater Workshop (NYTW) to introduce a way of amplifying stories of undocumented people living in unprotected places.

We want to provide a safe way for you to express yourself, in a letter, that you write and submit through this form (for Spanish use this form)—a letter we will produce as a reading by an ally who is living in a safer place, to be shared and used as inspiration for actions that support citizenship and dignity. We acknowledge that nothing can compare to the hardships of lived experiences. Our hope is not to recreate your story, but to use performance, and the craft of theater—a space which has historically misrepresented people of color—as a bridge building tool and call to action. Our goal is to bring awareness to the complex and diverse identities that exist within the undocumented community into the general public’s awareness. Additionally, we hope that this showcase will bring attention to the organizations tirelessly working to advance justice on behalf of undocumented folks.

We are gathering letters from undocumented youth and young adults including TPS and DACA holders striving to join their world. Letters of lives unprotected, a story you are inspired to write. Whether a time of dismay or triumph, we want to give you a safe way to share your story, in a simple letter that will be read, recorded, and distributed via social media by a curated list of readers with a platform supported by the work of Level Forward and NYTW.

Your letter can be submitted in English or Spanish and will remain anonymous, to protect your identity, unless you request that your name be shared.

Please note, that by submitting your letter (“Submission”), you grant to Level Forward, New York Theater Workshop, and each of their respective affiliates and representatives, the right, but not the obligation, to release, publish, exhibit, or reproduce such Submission, in whole or in part, in any format or media.

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