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Associate Producer

Brent Zachery

I began my career as a brand management intern for McNeil Pharmaceutical. After four successful summers and graduating from the University of Virginia with a communications degree specializing in media studies, I accepted a position at Infinity Broadcasting as a copywriter. I later joined Nationsbank as an analyst and helped lead the bank's expansion into 7 states. After my time at Nationsbank, I moved to New York and embarked upon my 20 years in front of and behind the camera, lending my image and creativity to shaping the print and commercial advertising campaigns for brands ranging from Target to Ralph Lauren to Tiffany & Company. A creative problem solver and lover of research means I’m most comfortable deep diving into all types of projects and subjects. Having been part of Level Forward since the Two Brass Brads days, I'm passionate about transforming the world through storytelling and currently helping develop a tv project for Paramount. I love to cook (and clean) and am the father to 3 amazing rockstar children that are my greatest creation.

How I Level Forward: I Level Forward by leaving the world cleaner than when I found it. My OCD about tidiness and order can’t be helped and I subtly straighten up the world around me all the time.

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