Deep in the underbelly of New York City, a small community has claimed the abandoned tunnels as their home. Among them is Little, a five year-old girl raised underground by her mother, Nicki. Little is a young wonder with creativity beyond her years, with an incredibly compassionate nature, and her mother’s fierce determination. Little knows the tunnels well, enabling her to find beauty in all people and things. While she’s fed stories of “topside” as a magical other-worldly place, Little’s curiosity and compassion are bursting at the seams, shining a constant light on all darkness. After a police-mandated eviction, Little and Nicki flee aboveground to a brutal winter night. But upon her ascent, Little finds a world much harsher than she expected, and is determined to hang onto her mother more than ever before. They fight to find new shelter, until a closing subway door sends their world into chaos, threatening their future as mother and daughter.

Topside marks the feature directorial debut of Celine Held and Logan George, who also penned the story, and is produced by a multi Oscar Award-winning team.