wendy weitz


I started off in my early 20’s in couture retail doing buying and inventory control for various high end retailers. One of them was a founder of Rodeo Drive who made Miranda Priestly in the Devils Wears Prada look like a timid lamb. It was tough but I learned so much. After 10 years in retail I made a move towards the entertainment business and was hired as the controller for Steve Tisch’s production company. My biggest job requirement was first making Steve laugh and second balancing the numbers. Also during this time my husband at the time (now ex) and I opened a fine art photography gallery - Kopeikin Gallery. Amazingly the gallery is still thriving. After 6 years with Steve Tisch and a ton of experience of running all sorts of businesses I decided to start my own business as a "controller on the go” with a rule of only working with nice people. Incredibly it is 30 years later and I have landed at Level Forward with some of the nicest.

How I Level Forward: For the last 40 years my house is one that always has a kitty or two and they have all been rescued. There is nothing like the unconditional love you get from a rescued animal.