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abigail disney

Chair and Co-Founder

I got out of college with literally no idea what to make of myself.  I worked in Ireland for a while as a nanny taking care of three kids, then started grad school, first at Stanford and then at Columbia.  I finished my PhD right around when I started having kids and was kind of surprised by how much I enjoyed them, so for the next 15 years or so I did mostly volunteer work and ran a small foundation.  Just as the kids seemed old enough for me to spread my wings a little, I stumbled across the story that ended up being my first documentary film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell. I haven't looked back since.  My life is in filmmaking now, and rabble rousing, and trying to change the world through media in every way I can think of. My heart will always be with the grassroots women I worked with when my kids were small and I will always be an organizer and activist at heart.  And wow, media needs organizers and activists!!

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