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bekah nutt

Digital Director, Rotten Apples

I think church was the first place I discovered the power of storytelling. And so, I did what any good preacher’s kid would do: got a degree in Musical Theater, moved to New York City and criss-crossed the country in the Broadway National tour of Mamma Mia. Realizing there was no way I could top that theatrical work experience (C’mon—2,000 people on their feet, waving their arms and singing along to “Dancing Queen” eight times a week? The best.) I went back to school for a graphic design degree from Parsons, where I took a deep dive into interactive design and fell in love with the limitations and possibilities that the digital medium affords. After stints at digital production and creative advertising agencies, I'm incredibly excited to bring my background in entertainment full circle and combine it with my design and user experience background as the Director of Digital for Level Forward and as a co-founder of Rotten Apples.

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