stephanie allain

CEO and Producer, Homegrown Films

I love story. So, when I discovered I could get paid for reading and writing script coverage – I found a job doing just that. First at CAA, then at Fox, WB and finally Columbia Pictures where I brought in John Singleton’s, Boyz N the Hood. That success led to a decade of supervising independently-spirited films made by first time directors. After a brief stint running Jim Henson Pictures, I founded Homegrown Pictures to produce films and TV shows by women or filmmakers of color.  Mel Jones, a former mentee, joined me 8 years ago and has grown into my producing partner. And I’m not done yet. I’ve written scripts about Eartha Kitt and Misty Copeland and am about to direct my first film. I love my team of female collaborators at Homegrown and Level Forward. The journey is definitely the reward.

How I Level Forward: I’m on the board of Women in Film and ReFrame, mentor young women year-round, and hire women of color above and below the line.